Do you provide glass for heavy machinery?

Yes. We offer glass repair and windshield replacement for special equipment including tractors, semi trucks, and construction equipment. 

Is there anything special that we need to do after a windshield replacement? (e.g. avoid driving the vehicle for a day, keep the windows rolled down so the glue can dry properly, park under covering/in a garage when it’s snowing or raining)

No. The only things we ask you to do are:
1. Leave the tape on for 24 hours.
2. Avoid high power car washes for 24 hours.

How long does windshield replacement take?

Our technicians work really hard to complete each windshield replacement within an hour. There are some circumstances where we need more time, and those circumstances are usually explained, if necessary, at the time of booking.  

How long will it take for my windshield to ship?

Most of the time we can have the windshield sent from our supplier to our shop by the next morning (weather permitting them to travel through Sardine Canyon). Our longer lead times occur when we need to order the windshield from a supplier in Colorado, and that takes approximately 7 days.

How soon can you get me on your schedule?

Generally, we can get customers on our schedule the next day, but during our busier months, it may be a few days out.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We work with any insurance company. It’s a simple process. We are happy to assist you with the auto glass claim, or your insurance agent can start it for you.  

Will my insurance rates go up if I file an auto glass claim?

Your insurance rates should not go up due to you filing an auto glass claim because it is usually not an “at fault” accident. Please ask your insurance agent for more details.

Do you waive the deductible?

We will waive up to $100 of your deductible.

Do you offer any warranty on windshields you install?

We guarantee it to never leak.
We guarantee the molding to never come off.
We guarantee the windshield not to stress fracture. If it does, we replace it at no additional charge.
We offer free rock chip repair on the windshields we have replaced up to three months.

Do you offer mobile service?

Yes, we will offer mobile service in Cache Valley as long as:
1. The weather and temperature permit.
2. The vehicle does not require a camera recalibration (the camera responsible for lane departure warning/lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, etc.) This camera requires additional equipment to recalibrate that cannot be transported.

Is there an additional fee/charge for mobile service?

No. We service Cache Valley and Box Elder county. Anything further away requires 3 or more windshields for us to make the trip out.

How long does a rock chip repair take? Do I need to clean my windshield before I have it repaired?

Approximately 10 minutes for 1 rock chip. An additional 5 minutes for each additional chip(s).
We cannot repair any rock chips if the vehicle has been through a car wash or out in the rain &/or snow within the last 6-8 hours as it will be filled with water. If you park in a garage, put a piece of tape over the rock chip(s) before leaving your garage the next day during times of bad weather to prevent the chip(s) from filling up with water.

Do we need an appointment for a rock chip repair?

We generally ask that you call ahead of time so we can make sure we have someone available to make the repair.

How is the glass tint cut?

We typically use a plotter to precut the glass tint for each vehicle. Occasionally we have to hand cut the tint for a specific vehicle.

What if I already have the window/glass?

Great! We will only charge a labor fee to install it.

Do you offer a guarantee on your glass tint?

We guarantee our glass tint to never bubble, peel or fade.

Do you offer a guarantee on your glass tint?

Yes, we do that in house on vehicles that require it, following the windshield replacement.