Rock Chip Repair

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Getting a rock chip in your windshield can happen quickly and without warning. Without quick attention, a small rock chip can turn into a huge crack which can also become a driving hazard if it happens in the wrong place. Here’s a look at a few more reasons you should consider a rock chip repair as soon as possible:

  • Although a chipped or cracked windshield may look like it’s still functioning properly, the damage significantly weakens the strength of the windshield. That’s important because a windshield actually contributes to a car’s structural strength. In an accident such as a roll-over, or crash, the windshield helps to support the roof of the car, prevents passengers from being thrown from the vehicle, and allows airbags to deploy safely and properly. Suddenly, not repairing a windshield rock chip is potentially compromising your physical safety.
  • Rock chips can obstruct your view of the road ahead, which could make it challenging for you to notice any looming safety hazards
  • Rock chips are easy for a professional to repair and much more affordable than replacing a windshield—which is inevitable once those chips turn to cracks. Repairs are made by windshield technicians assessing the damage and choosing the right type of repair. After cleaning the area, applying a UV-hardened resin, and ensuring the repair is completely smooth, the windshield is as good as new.

Don’t let a little rock chip become a giant headache down the road. Get in touch with us at Northern Glass Pros to get that rock chip repaired as quickly as possible. We even offer convenient mobile rock chip repair so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!