Window Tinting

Northern Glass Pros offers high-quality window tinting for all vehicle types. We stay up-to-date with legal requirements for window tints in Utah, Idaho, and surrounding states.

Advantages of Window Tint

Window tint is a popular choice among vehicle owners, although some drivers may not realize just how many advantages window tint actually brings. Here are a few main reasons why people love window tint:

UV Protection

UV protection is a major practical advantage of window tint. Tinted windows can help reduce the risk of sunburn and UV-related skin damage, essential for people who commute.


Window tint helps protect your family from prying eyes while in traffic or on the move. When a vehicle is parked, tinted windows serve as an added layer of protection in hiding your valuables from potential burglars.


Window tint provides an added measure of safety in the event of a collision. The tint itself adds shatter resistance to your auto glass, which can help save your family from injuries caused by glass shards.

Heat Reduction

Tinted windows block between 40 and 70 percent of the heat that would otherwise enter the vehicle. Window tint protects your belongings and upholstery while easing the load on your air conditioner.

Professional Auto GlassTint

Aftermarket auto glass tint demands professional installation. Even the slightest error can have permanent effects, so it’s important to rely on experts, like those of us at Northern Glass Pros who have a long-standing reputation for flawless glass tinting. We have years of experience working with auto glass tint, so our customers can expect reliable, pristine window tinting. Our experts will provide a flawless finish, guaranteed.

Auto Tint Removal

Many customers need auto tint removal in order to comply with new legal regulations from instances like a changing law or relocation to a new state. Northern Glass Pros can remove auto tint cleanly and completely, keeping the glass intact and undamaged. We can replace existing tint or replace it with a style that better suits your personal preferences and complies with state laws.

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For automotive window tint installation or tint removal, Northern Glass Pros has the experience needed to perform clean, precise work. Contact our experts to learn more about our window tint service or to schedule an appointment.